Organiztional Mission :

1- With the trust that we have in God , our main goal is to seek the Mighty Lord’s contentment by helping orphans and families in need .

2- Our main and most precious possession is people’s trust in our organization. 

3- Yavaran is a non-profit organization .

4- The most prominent aspect of our endeavor is to protect and honor the reputation and respect of the families under coverage.

5- Advertising our organization serves only as a means of improving our established goals towards serving our clients more effectively.

About us…

Establised in 2000 , the Yavaran Charity Organization’s aim is helping orphans in need . Our mission is to providr for orphans who are in desperate financial situations due to the loss of their breadwinners in events such as accident or natural disaster. 

Yavaran is run by volunteers who believe our organizations objectives.

Voluntees who assist us are categorized as follows :

1- Child-desigbated donors (Yavaran) : 

A monthly payment of by these volunteers provides for a designated child who has been identified by our social workers. These volunteers receive a comprehensive information file on the child under their coverage.

2- General donors (Yavaran) : These volunteers pay regular donations to help the families under our coverage meet non-daily expenditures in certain situations such as home improvements or the parchase of basic hom appliances . For bank account details see above.

3- Organization donors (Yavaran) : 

Yavaran , as an instiution , needs to meet current expenditures to sustain its services accomplish its noble goals . These expenenses are mainly covered by the kind help from our Board of Directors , coupled with some benevolent donors.

4- Non- regular donors (Yasvaran) :

Those who contribute their cash and material donations to the Organization occasionally and are not bound by a pre – set timetable.

5- Professional donors (Yavaran).

This  group addresses the need of the Organizationand  the familes under coverage by drawing upon to their professional knowledge and skills.

6- Anonymoust donors( Yavaran) :

Volunteers who share our cause and prefer to remain anonymous are also catered for too. 

The following bank account is made available strictly for this group of donors : 

Addresses : No.87,Mansuor Ave, Motahary St , Tehran , Iran 

Tel: +9821(88106190-88102850)

Fax : +9821 (88102187)

Email: info@yavaran.org              www.yavaran.org

Meli Bank account :


Parsian Bank account  :

0201035723008- 6221061050494980



  • 1-هدف اصلی ما با توکل به خداوند رحمان برای کمک رسانی به کودکان نیازمند به منظور کسب رضایت خداوند می باشد.
  • 2- اعتماد مردم به موسسه بزرگترین و ارزشمندترین سرمایه ماست.
  • 3- موسسه صددرصد غیرانتفاعی است.
  • ادامه مطلب

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کدپستی:  1595748413
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شماره فکس:  88102187
پست الکترونیک(جهت اطلاع واریز وجه):  info@yavaran.org